It Starts With You

The economy will remain competitive and connected. Life after you clock-off will remain saturated with to-dos. Use these realities to your advantage and dive into the projects that allow you to leverage your skills and interests to make yourself relevant in the 21st century. In other words, take responsibility for your own...

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Limitations Are Guidelines, Not Excuses

None of us are capable of doing it all. So why do we continue to apologize for falling short of the impossible? The world needs less apologies and more people with firm understandings of their non-negotiables....

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Make Your Work Matter

When you do outstanding work, not only are you more motivated, but so are the people around you. The fact is, others define you in part by the quality of your work – colleagues and clients, fans and friends. Elevate your work so that it is more valuable because trust, happiness, learning, a stronger network,...

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Re-Engineering The Modern Professional

Why is it that so many of us work in ways that are odds with what we truly want? Somewhere along the way, our careers stopped acting as catalysts to our health and happiness and, instead, started acting as roadblocks. False notions about how to achieve stability and success have run wild and have somehow seeded themselves in the collective thoughts of our time. This phenomenon has not only created a standard of mediocrity, but it is strangling our most important resources - human ingenuity and creativity.


We're here to change that. We're here to re-engineer the modern professional and raise the level at which we all innovate and create - both in and out of the office. This starts with recognizing limitations as opportunities and developing the tools that promote breakthroughs at work.


TheFlamingoEffect.com is the platform we use to share our resources and openly document the challenges and successes that come with an experiment of this scope. Ultimately, this journey is both a personal endeavor and a professional pursuit for us since our goal is to prove that it is possible to make work and life exactly what you want.


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Begin With Discipline

It is the cornerstone of any transformation, the tool that empowers forward movement. Whether you are venturing into a new project or navigating adversity, forming a habit of discipline is just another name for doing what you say you are going to do. We all want to be that person, don’t we?

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Believe Big

You know your goals are too small when you aren't excited to work toward them. Your goals should scare you a little. You are on the right track when one part of you knows that you are capable while the other part panics slightly/breaks out in a cold sweat. Radical innovation occurs only when we begin reaching beyond the range of our comfortable grasp.

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