Begin With Discipline

If change were easy, then we’d see more of it and hear about it. The truth is, it takes effort. We all have our ambitions and, for most of us, there is a disconnect between the way we are living today and how we want that to look in the future. The reality is that often our actions aren’t leading toward our goal, and it’s time to get serious about how to accomplish that transition.

In every endeavor, no matter the challenges, there is a consistent quality that will help achieve success: discipline. Without discipline, it’s impossible to remain committed to a goal and to follow through on a promise. If you’re struggling with following through, then begin focusing on building discipline instead of a particular outcome.

Why is this important in trying to follow a dream? Inevitably, roadblocks will be encountered. In our work we have struggled with motivation, finances, time, skills, corruption, and lack of experience to name a few. In every scenario, the only thing that drove us through to the other side was a decision to remain disciplined. Too often, a worry sets in about how to overcome a challenge. Instead, we encourage a shift in thinking. Stop concerning yourself with how, and remain focused on discipline.

So if you find yourself in any sort of holding pattern, let go of the energy that is being poured into frustration. Write down the top three things you want to focus on in your life, and choose simple ways to honor each of them every day.

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