Believe Big

In an impassioned speech, Victor Frankl shares that he recently began taking flying lessons and learning about the technique called crabbing. In crabbing, a pilot is attempting to land with a cross-wind. In order to actually make it to the runway, the pilot most point the plane into the wind, as if the intended route was to go off to the side of the runway. With the wind pushing against the path of the plane, however, the pilot makes it perfectly to the runway.

Frankl then extends crabbing to humanity, and states that in order to allow man to accomplish what he can become, we need to overestimate him. This is a profound statement. In theory, in reveals not only how we should look at one another, but also that there is a force that constantly pushes back against our intended goal. In other words, we too, need to embrace crabbing in order to reach our destination.

We firmly believe that this applies to our ambitions as well. Each of us has a cross-wind of fear or a community of naysayers, and as a result, we need to set our sights beyond what seems immediately achievable. Everyone is capable of achieving greatness in someway, but to do so, it is necessary to start believing bigger than what has resulted in current circumstances.

Take a moment and embrace your scariest dreams. What does wild success look like? Make this the new metric for goal setting. Abandon the fear-based approach of aiming at what seems immediately safe and comfortable.

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