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It Starts With You

The economy will remain competitive and connected. Life after you clock-off will remain saturated with to-dos. Use these realities to your advantage and dive into the projects that allow you to leverage your skills and interests to make yourself relevant in the 21st century. In other words, take responsibility for your own success, because surely […]

Limitations Are Guidelines, Not Excuses

None of us are capable of doing it all. So why do we continue to apologize for falling short of the impossible? The world needs less apologies and more people with firm understandings of their non-negotiables.

Make Your Work Matter

When you do outstanding work, not only are you more motivated, but so are the people around you. The fact is, others define you in part by the quality of your work – colleagues and clients, fans and friends. Elevate your work so that it is more valuable because trust, happiness, learning, a stronger network, […]