It starts with you

The choices begin the moment your alarm goes off: to press snooze or not to press snooze. The options start compounding from there. The day becomes a journey in which you – only you – decide how you will face the challenges of the day and remain present and productive through them all. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months and years. All the sudden, you find yourself in the middle of your life’s work.

How will you arrive at this moment in your career? With actions that re-engineer and reveal the professional you are meant to be, that’s how.

The first step is asking yourself honest questions about the work that truly inspires you and then using your answers to make informed decisions about the work that you involve yourself in. This is the opposite of a quick fix. This is an on-going and iterative process that starts with you acting in ways – however small – that create a snowball effect of forward movement. Stop pressing the metaphorical snooze button (ideally, the real one too) because, when you do, you trigger a long line of decisions that will lead you to work that makes you more valuable in every corner of your life.



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