Make your work matter

It’s easy to forget that work is a game with rules, players and rewards. There is an opportunity to stack the cards in your favor as the way we define work continues to evolve, and the boundaries of how, why, when, and where we work continue to expand. Whether you are the CEO or the mail-room guy, the non-profit admin or the hedge fund manager, you are a player in this game of work. No matter how you look at it, your professional interactions and your work change the game.

How are you going to play?

You have to work – welcome to the gigantic club. Like most of us, you can’t excuse yourself from the game. The good news is that, with no singular way to win, your strategy can revolve around doing work that inspires you and the people around you. Step one: identify the rewards that motivate you, and then seek out the kinds of work and projects that will most effectively dispense those rewards. The real skill lies in how to continuously tweak your plan so that you create forward movement in your career, remain excited about your work, and maximize your impact.

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