The story behind The Flamingo Effect

We wanted our name to reflect our goals that include building meaningful, sustainable lifestyles as well as creating valuable tools that allow other people to be more successful while they pursue their passions. We wanted a name that would encompass both these goals and allow us to expand on our efforts to create positive change.

In 2008 we were struck by inspiration from a story about flamingo migration in Africa. In the beginning, one flamingo takes flight but soon returns to gather more for its cause. On the second try, a few more flamingos join the movement. Since a complete migration does not materialize until a tipping point is reached, the process repeats itself with each cycle adding more flamingos. Finally, with much dedication and persistence, the entire colony flies away in one final push.

This story embodies the process of change and how hard work for small changes in the beginning results in meaningful success later. The key is to get started on an idea, not to prematurely chase perfection. As you refine and elevate your idea, other people will naturally begin to see the value in it. As with any iterative project, alternative paths will appear. Whether it is the realization that you can’t deliver the value you aspire to or the discovery of a better idea, The Flamingo Effect is a reminder of your ability to shift in new directions. The process is an organic one that employs incremental change, exploration and experimentation but leaves out excessive investments that often prevent people from working through an idea.

Take a look around. Use whatever you can for yourself, and, if you feel compelled, leave something for others to do the same.


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